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Eco-Vegan Artwork Print Clothing



Want Custom Designs?

If so, why don't you get one personalised to you and designed by Avid Beats at no extra cost!


Contact me on Instagram (@avidbeats) or email ( to arrange a custom order.



T-Shirt - £25, Hoodie - £40, Tote Bag - £14

All prices are excl. shipping


Terms of Service

Design must be related to Avid Beats - for example art of choice on my YouTube channel.

Custom item will be uploaded to for you to purchase within 2 days and then removed.

Attach an image example or describe your idea when you contact me.

Top Picks

Avid Beats wearing his "Northern Lights" T-Shirt

Avid Beats wearing his "Rewild" T-Shirt

Wavii, Avid Beats wearing their "Evolution" T-Shirts