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Troubles (Remix)

Roni Bar Hadas, Avid Beats

Photography by Adva Dror | Graphic design by Avid Beats

About this Song

This is Avid Beats’ official remix of Israeli artist Roni Bar Hadas’ soul and jazz pop song “Troubles”, from her 2023 album “Luck”. Avid's remix is in the styles of EDM, indie electronic, soul/jazz house, and is also inspired by electro swing music.

Roni wrote Troubles for her best friend, who struggles with addiction to drugs and alcohol. The song speaks to the idea that we often look for distractions to numb our inner pain, and the ways in which addiction can be a manifestation of this behaviour. Ultimately the song has the hopeful theme that we can face our pain to heal: “If you don't repress your sorrow, it probably will not hurt as much tomorrow”.

About Roni

Roni Bar Hadas is a 27 year old singer-songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist based in Tel Aviv. Roni has recently been on tour in Israel and the Netherlands and is coming to London, UK in October to play at multiple venues, including Ram Jam Records.


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Graphic design by: Avid Beats

Original drawing by: Clara Lieu (Depth and Distance)

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