Avid /ˈæv.ÉĒd/ - showing great enthusiasm for or interest in something.

Producer, Singer/Songwriter, Musician

Sam // Avid Beats

Autistic 🌈 Vegan 🌱 Musician 🎹


The Bridge (4K Special)

Song and my First Music Video


As a thank you for 4K subscribers, I made my first music video, accompanied by an experimental song, which is the first I have made in this style. The lyrics represent how much progress I have made, and how looking at the past can sometimes make you wonder about the future.

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Avid rocking his 4K subscribers t-shirt merchandise.



My third FREE drum kit, with sounds recorded at the scene of the music video.

This pack, as you might have guessed by the name, is an extra surprise gift for 4K subscribers (to complement the music video). I recorded sounds that I heard while shooting the music video, and processed them into usable samples, and compiled them into this kit.

This is my third percussion drum kit and sound FX kit. It is royalty free and includes 75 total individually processed sounds, consisting of claps, FX/textures, percussions, rimshots, snares and voxes. They are all live recorded, composed and mixed by me, using my Zoom H5 field recorder and Logic Pro X. All sounds are perfect for the genres of trap and hip hop, but they also work extremely well for experimental music, as you can hear from the drum loop preview (included as a bonus) - feel free to get creative!

Visit my 'producer club' section on my website for all my free kits, instrumental collaborations and more! Let's collaborate!

Troubles (Remix)

Roni Bar Hadas, Avid Beats

Photography by Adva Dror | Graphic design by Avid Beats

Revisiting My Past

(debut solo EP)

Songs on YouTube!

1. The Atmosphere (Remix)

2. Far Alone

3. Broken Beauty

4. World Behind the Clouds