Custom Services

I'm Sam (Avid Beats), a musician from London, UK!

I produce, sing, songwrite, mix, master, play instruments and collaborate with artists from all over the world. My full list of credits can be found in my "Prod. By Avid Beats" playlist on YouTube, and in my website gallery.



Versatility is an "avid" passion of mine. The reason I love music so much is the freedom it gives me to compose and produce in any style. I will collaborate with you to find the sound you are looking for.


Mixing and Tuning

My mixing will bring your song to life, whatever the style. I am also experienced in naturally tuning vocals.

Singing and songwriting: Discussing topics such as mental health, Buddhist values and beliefs, and veganism, my lyrics are 100% real and speak for themselves. I write them all in nature, which is my biggest inspiration. I also love to link my emotions and feelings to things that I see on my walks in nature: for example in my song "World Behind the Clouds", I compare the clouds blocking the sun to emotions fighting for space in my mind.



I play piano, classical acoustic guitar, electric guitar and cajón. I can improvise and create new melodies with ease to fit your project.

I look forward to working with you on your next hit!


Alternatively, you can hire me on SoundBetter!

Services and Pricing

Production (Beat + mix)

Starting from £150 per song*

Custom beat/instrumental

£100 or more per beat/instrumental*

Mixing + mastering

  • Up to 5 vocal stems/tracks: £50 per song
  • Up to 15 vocal stems/tracks: £70 per song
  • Up to 30 vocal stems/tracks: £100 per song
  • Up to 50 vocal stems/tracks: £150 per song
  • More than 50 vocal stems/tracks: contact me for quote

Vocal tuning

£40 per song

(Natural tuning instead of/as well as autotune using Flex Pitch/Melodyne). Service can also be added on to mixing - contact me for a quote and deal.

Custom exclusive loops (Including live guitar samples)

Please contact me for a quote.

Songwriting - lyrics

Please contact me.

Singing/vocals/rapping/harmonies feature

Please contact me.

Terms of Service

If unsure about terms, don't hesitate to reach out to me!

Term Condition
Timeframe Contact me (usually flexible).
Payment Half in-advance (deposit) + half before final song is sent. Payments via PayPal. Bank transfer can also be arranged for UK ONLY.
Custom beats offer *Must make a reasonable offer for custom beats based on your sales/profit forecast for your song (e.g. if you will plan to do multiple shows, touring, music videos etc, you should offer higher).
Revisions 2 revisions - provide detailed lists after 1st and 2nd version (open to discussion) - if you need more changes, you may have to pay.
Refunds I will do my absolute best to listen to and provide your production needs; although if things don't work out, your initial deposit may be eligible for a 50% refund if you do not accept the first version and first revision. This provides an opportunity to break the contract by mutual agreement. On this basis, you will not be allowed to use any copies of the draft music files - these must be deleted ASAP. I will also delete all files sent by you. I, Avid Beats retain all copyright for my work (Beat, mixing, etc.).
Credit Must credit in title and producer credits of all places you upload to ("prod. Avid Beats" OR "*your name* x Avid Beats"). For mixing/mastering, I require credit in the description and producer credits (e.g. Mixed and mastered by Avid Beats).
Royalty splits For custom beats, full production services, lyrics, and rapping features, I ask to take a small cut of your NET royalties. This amount will be negotiated prior to starting work, and will be between 5% and 20%, depending on the upfront fee agreed.
Copyright Once the final payment has been made, copyright of all work produced/made by me will go to you - the buyer. An exception is for songwriting and singing services, for which I retain copyright.

Example Work/Discography:

A selection of songs using my beats or fully produced by me.