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A couple of my favourite songs that have been made using my beats/instrumentals!

Lil Fault & noyada

Lil Fault (Czechia) makes some incredible fusions of sound…from electronic to rap, he mixes it up like nothing I have heard before! I was lucky to be a part of his first solo album “KOMPILACE” - released 5/5/2023 - with my beat “PARKOUR” being used for track 9, “REMINISCENCE”. The song features singer/rapper noyada (also Czech), and both their styles really come through. The Czech rapping combined with my crazy drum & bass beat makes for a VERY exciting track.

The music video for the song was released on 14/5/23!

I’m so happy about this track, and I hope we can deal again in the future!


Wackavelli, a creative artist from the USA is - in his words - a “Bedroom Popstar”, which I totally agree with! In 2022, he released an EP “Finders Keepers”, on which my beat “Feel the Sunshine” in collaboration with LL Beats, was used for the song “Pressure”. 

I find Wackavelli very inspiring, as he shows his talents in so many art forms, whether it be singing, modelling, video making… :)

It is an honour my man!


Polochon (also known as Polochonmaispasdanslo), from France, is an influencer/content creator with over 400K followers on TikTok; he also makes fire rap songs!

I was lucky for my liquid drum and bass instrumental “Empty” to be chosen for his 2023 song “Demi Dieu”.

Thank you for killing it bro! Your music and the whole vibe of your content is so entertaining (even if I don't speak French :P)!

I hope that this can inspire you to have a look at my work (see my discography and don't hesitate to contact me)!

I make a wide variety of styles and genres, with my aim being to break barriers!

For collaborative style projects, see below.

Top Projects (Collaborative)

Songs & compositions (i.e. not beats) - in no particular order!

Roni Bar Hadas

Photography by Adva Dror | Graphic design by Avid Beats

Roni is a well-known Israeli singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist, who specialises in soul, jazz and chill pop music.

I had the pleasure of being invited to make a remix of her song "Troubles", from her 2023 album “Luck”. I created a dramatic and unique version of the song, blending the genres of indie electronic and jazz house. It has been super inspiring and opened up new possibilities for my musical journey.

Thank you to Yves Dreifuss (Roni's manager) for making this happen. I really hope to work with you and Roni again!


Cece Alaniz is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from the USA. She makes wonderful songs that touch my heart on first listen. Her voice is the perfect blend of powerful and soothing. We found each other on Reddit, where we were sharing our songs, and Cece reached out to collaborate. I sent her my instrumental "Lenticular Cloud" and this inspired an enchanting acoustic indie folk song, inspired by Cece's reflections on humans' connection to nature, the Earth and each other. I really relate to the message and her artistry, since I also love to talk about nature through my music, and it makes me feel happy when I meet a musician with similar values!

Lenticular Cloud will be released on 21st June.


Wavii - right

Wavii is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and musician from the UK. Not only are we a duo, but also long time friends. Collaborating live has a totally different feel to online and feels really rewarding as it is super 'in the moment'. We have many releases together, including 2 EPs "Evolution" (The photo above shows us wearing the Evolution t-shirt merchandise), and "Getting Through".

Before making full songs, and before my YouTube, we made beats on a website called "SoundTrap". Let's just say, we have come a LONG way! Both of us have learnt so much, and this is definitely shown in our newest work. What a journey, and I am incredibly grateful to have you as my music partner!

See the story below that is an insight into our first EP and how and where our song collaborations started in early 2020. Be sure to check out our FIRST song "Need You Here".


Lig (a.k.a Ligberry) is a Japanese artist, whose vocal style sounds out of this world. Our first song is called "Singularity" featuring Yomi Glaive, which was first released on Soundcloud in 2022. I remember hearing it for the first time, and I was blown away by this new and fresh take on my drum and bass instrumental. It has now been released on all streaming platforms in March 2023.

JPN: Lig (別名 Ligberry) は日本人アーティストで、そのボーカル スタイルはこの世のものとは思えないものです。 私たちの最初の曲は、2022 年に Soundcloud で最初にリリースされた Yomi Glaive をフィーチャーした「Singularity」という曲です。初めて聞いたときのことを覚えています。ドラムとベースのインストゥルメンタルのこの新しくて新鮮なテイクに圧倒されました。 2023 年 3 月にすべてのストリーミング プラットフォームでリリースされました。

Shweta Rawat

Shweta is a pop, rap & EDM singer from India! She found me on Instagram and we started to talk...I sent some instrumental options for her to write to and record on!

It is always the best feeling for me when I receive vocals to mix in my email, so when Shweta sends hers I know it will be a vibe, because of how much energy her voice/singing has. Our first song "Rolling Back" was released in August 2022! It is super poppy and vibey and we have more out now too - "Now Need Nobody" and its official 2023 remix plus One Love (STAY).

Thank you so much Shweta for our work together - I feel I have learnt a lot and have improved in my mixing/production skills!


Edien (Croatia) and I have known each other for what feels like suchhh a long time now, but only since around August 2020!!! He has amazing energy when creating and is always surprising with new things and sounds! So innovative. He is always developing his style and communicates lots of emotion through his music. I relate to his lyrics and feel them. Since following each other, we have accumulated and uploaded 10s of collaborations such as one of our earlier ones "Loom", using Edien's using his beautiful guitar melody (Dec 2020 - old but gold!), which I then flipped into the song "One Day" with singer Jah-Productions (see below story). I also made the piano melody for the sad and dark emo trap song, Lozinka, with amazing music video shot by Bruc Media!

Our most recent song release was "Messing With My Head" (May 2022).

Edien and I have watched each other progress over time and it's so cool to look back on all our collaborations and look forward to make more and for all the releases scheduled. :D


Jaykle is an Australian singer, songwriter, rapper, musician, and also animator!

I find his music very powerful, and combined with the original animations he creates, the projects are unforgettable. An extremely versatile and creative artist! His animations are sometimes dark, and sometimes funny, and Jaykle strikes the perfect balance when putting forward a deep and meaningful message.

Our first song together is called "Infinity" and was released in February 2023. It is a unique blend of hip-hop and alternative music.

Thank you for our collaboration man! I have really enjoyed working with you my bro - a pleasure!


Bronze (UK) is one of my oldest supporters of my beats, a true O.G. - he first commented on my YouTube videos in early 2020 when I started to get serious about making beats!

His music has meant so much to me over the time we have known each other, with each production being special. I remember some of his old instrumentals so clearly, even to this day! The pure creativity of his work has amazed me, and has inspired my own music so much. Our first release together was a 2 song instrumental single in April 2022 - "FRACTURED LIGHT". It features a unique blend of electronic music. Bronze took a couple of my samples and added so much of his own sauce! It has been a pleasure to work with you man :) ! Thank you for everything!

David Braun

David Braun is an Argentinian rapper and music artist, who has an extremely catchy vocal flow. He found me on Instagram and told me he had recorded a demo to one of my beats and that he was trying to bring experimental trap vibes to Argentina and make that new wave!

Our first song "Cancela el plan" was released in December 2022!

ESP: David Braun es un rapero y artista musical argentino, que tiene un flujo vocal extremadamente pegadizo. ¡Me encontró en Instagram y me dijo que había grabado una demo de uno de mis ritmos y que estaba tratando de traer vibraciones de trap experimentales a Argentina y hacer esa nueva ola! 

¡Nuestra primera canción "Cancela el plan" fue lanzada en diciembre de 2022!

Timea Sarina

Timea (from Czechia) is also vegan! I messaged her first about a collaboration in around the end of April 2021, and since then we have each written songs for our productions, and have a strong friendship and are able to be critical about each other's part of the collab. I mix, produce and have also made singing melodies for Timea to sing (where I make the singing melody I usually write the lyrics too). She has a beautiful voice, and my favourite song that we have made so far would have to be "Revive the Wild" or "Aurora". We have also made a vegan song "Do You Care?" about our sadness towards animal cruelty.

We share very similar values regarding peace, mindfulness, and love for all beings. She is confident about what she believes, and not afraid to tell anyone! She is inspirational and I wouldn't have started writing my own lyrics if it wasn't for her!


Versaci is a rapper hailing from Stroud in the UK. He has carved his own sound: a unique blend of witty and fun wordplay, but mixing those bars with more serious subject matters and deep and thoughtful delivery. The Britishness really comes through! :D Our first collab is called "Bigger Plans" (June 2023) - a 2 song single consisting of an original and acoustic version. Really different vibes on this project my man, and I feel it has opened up new possibilities and ideas in my mind!

Cheers mate! :P

Image taken from the "Bigger Plans" music video.

Ethereal UK

Ethereal UK is a human angel to me. She is vegan, autistic (I am too), unique and confident. She has different moods shown in some of her pictures, and can be vibrant and colourful, as well as dark and emotional.

Soon after meeting online we started to talk together and then decided to collab! Our first song together "Amongst the Voiceless" was released at the end of November 2021 and is about veganism and animals having a voice. She sent some lyrics + the a cappella version of the chorus over and I matched the audio recording to one of my melodic instrumentals, building a whole beat, chords, countermelodies etc. around the raw vocals and mixing them.

We have also collaborated on another project, where I remixed one of her songs "The Ghost of Love"! I made 2 remixes of the same song - one acoustic, and one with a beat!

Young Outis

Young Outis (left)

Young Outis is a rapper/hip-hop artist from the USA, and his flow just seems to click with my Gunna and Travis Scott type beats. He chooses beats that are a little different from those that others may choose, which adds to the fun of our projects. Our 2 song single, Cavedrop, with Edien (see above) as co-producer, was released in December 2021.

Listen to both songs on all streaming platforms here!

Looking forward to doing more work in the future bro!


Jah-Productions (from Germany) is a DJ, singer, photo/videographer + more! He is a unique and original soul, and I feel we can relate to each other fully. He said in a message after making the EP "A Whole Chapter" (October 2021): "...For me it was also a very emotional reappraisal and processing of my past, which I was able to process / dissolve thanks to the work with you, for that I thank you for all eternity..."

I have written the lyrics for our songs, and he chose from my selection the ones he related to most. This way, we knew what each other had felt/were feeling. We have lots in common, such as our love for nature and peace.

Our last full project together was a vegan 2 song single "Become the Change" (November 2021) and Jah also featured on my 2022 debut solo EP "Revisiting My Past" for "The Atmosphere (Remix)".

Therese Lefèbvre

Therese (Maltese pianist)...WOW. Our collabs together have enabled me to expand my knowledge of arrangement, because producing a classical x modern afrobeats fusion isn't as easy as you may think! She has amazing video editing knowledge as shown in our production "Orange" (she made the music video for her channel and I made this artwork for my channel).

We also made a second collaboration called "Seals" which is really cinematic and dramatic!

Everything runs super smoothly... She is bright, emotional, elegant, sensitive and it is so vibrant and it feels so creative to work with Therese! I enjoy talking about music together massively. She has wonderful ideas!


Luxson (USA) and I have made a 5 track EP - Rough Feelings in 2020. He wrote the lyrics, and I produced, mixed and mastered. It was one of my first big projects related to music and I learnt a huge from this collaboration, including things like how to leave space in my beats for the artist, mixing and mastering, and how to go about working with artists and organising big projects.

We talked so much and I feel I almost know him. He is funny, sensitive, and caring and he has different personalities which is what makes his music so interesting!  Thank you Luxson for this. :)

Work with Wavii

Getting Through - First EP Focus

A lockdown EP with @officialwavii

About the project and my work with Wavii

Wavii and I have known each other for years. In fact he is my oldest friend. Our first musical release was Need You Here (early 2020) which was a soft, gentle vibe, matched with the artwork of 2 sparrows.

Shortly after we recorded our first song together, the UK lockdown came in March, shutting down all meet-ups, ruining all our plans for future projects...

...but luckily, in May the rules relaxed and we could meet up in parks/open spaces. We got to work on ideas for lyrics and before we knew it we were making a whole 5 track EP narrating our lockdown experiences, and sharing our thoughts and feelings openly with each other... maybe not directly through a normal conversation, but through our art that we both could relate to together.

I have never written or made songs in any order, but they always fit into place/order when designing the themes and overall message.

Wavii and I finished the lyrics for our lockdown EP...

...and quickly recorded the EP before he went to France for the Summer. I then had the task of editing, mixing, mastering and arranging the raw vocals. I learnt so much about the importance of these elements in the production, such as how to make the vocals stand out in the mix and make the vocals sound professional and crisp whilst keeping an emotional quality and the message.

It has always been sad when he goes away for so long to see his family, but this time we had the 5 tracks scheduled to look forward to and talk about at a distance! We couldn't wait...


And then came the first release date...

of How Long? - it was my highest viewed upload on my YouTube at the time; these songs really told a storyline that we were so proud of together, reaching a new level of our friendship, understanding each other through music.

All the songs were released over the summer in July to August 2020.


1. How Long?

2. Getting Through

3. Flow

4. Wave

5. Astral Summer


Thank you Wavii for this amazing work!!! You can find our other works here and be sure to follow him on his Instagram.

Me, Wavii age 2 :)

Barney, my Dog

I don't know where I would be without you Barney! You are my inspiration and you are just SO much fun to be around!

Avid Jewellery

Back in lockdown, at times when I wasn't making as much music, I decided I would make jewellery, ranging from bracelets to earrings. Everything was as eco-friendly as could be, using no plastic, hemp cord for my bracelets instead of nylon etc. I haven't been making any jewellery recently, but you can still see the photos below for a taster, or have a look at my portfolio on Instagram @avidjewellery.

Avid Jewellery - Midnight Flowers Range

Avid Jewellery - Caribbean Range

Avid Jewellery - Cherry Blossom Range